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About the Hanil UV Sterilizer

The Hanil UV Sterilizer is a perfect mummy's helper that sterilizes and dries baby bottles (and more) with the
touch of a single button! The Hanil UV Sterilizer is so easy and simple to use that it helps save time, space, and
energy all in a sleek and well-designed package.
Using Ultraviolet light technology for sterilisation and Gentle low-heat (48C) Infrared technology for drying, the
Hanil UV Sterilizer can be used for more than just bottles. It allows you to dry and sterilize breast pump
accessories, soft toys, toothbrushes and other more. And it can even be used to sterilize your remote controls
and electronic devices (even your mobile phone)! All this with a maximum power use of only 50W!
Not only that, it even doubles up as a storage unit, eliminating the need for a drying rack and additional
containers to store the sterilized items.
The Hanil UV Sterilizer is 100% manufactured in Korea by the Hanil Electric Co. Ltd which has been operating in
Korea since 1964 (over 53 years track record). Hanil Electric has established its reputation as a manufacturer
of a wide range of industrial and household products with a strong focus on research and development (with
in-house R&D facilities), reliability and quality.


Using the Hanil

1. Drying and Sterilizing: Wash the items that you intend to Dry and Sterilize, fling dry, load the items and
press AUTO for a complete Drying (30 minutes) and Sterilizing (10 minutes) cycle. Bottles are ready for
use in just 40 minutes.
2. Sterilizing (for electronics): Insert items for sterilising and press
3. Maintenance: For normal maintenance, just use lightly damp cloth to wipe the inside of the unit when
required (e.g. to remove water stains). Replace filters and lamps yearly (or when required). It’s that
Safety Assured
1. Low heat Infrared Drying and No-Heat UV Sterilisation minimises risk of burns for curious children.
2. Automatic Cut-Off mechanism if the Unit Door is opened while in use.
3. Sterilisation effectiveness tested and certified by Japan Food Research Laboratories, Korea Conformity
Laboratories and Singapore TUV SUD (PSB) and the Hanil UV Sterilizer is registered with USD FDA.
4. UV sterilisation eliminates 99.9% of household bacteria. HEPA Filter blocks up to 99.97% of airborne
particles of up to 0.3 microns.

Product Details

Dimensions: 31.6 cm x 27.0 cm x 39.5 cm (L x W X H)
Weight: 4.5kg (approximately 5kg with packaging)
Power Rating: 50W (While Drying) & 8W (Sterilizing)
UV Lamp: Dual 4W OSRAM germicidal UV Lamps (imported from Italy)
Infrared Lamp: DR FISCHER 50W Infrared Lamp (imported from France)
HEPA Filter: Only UV Sterilizer in Malaysia to incorporate a HEPA Filter to ensure clean air entry into the Hanil
UV Sterilizer during operation.

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