INUJIRUSHI Side Adhesive Semi Abdominal Support Belt

  • Brand: Inujirushi
  • Product Code: HB8161
  • Availability: In Stock
  • RM180.00

 During pregnancy can ease the burden on the waist

Mining adhesive side of a large area fixed, convenient to wear off 

Can appropriately adjust the abdominal circumference, personal fixed abdomen to relieve the burden.

The soft touch breathable not hot, protection during pregnancy sensitive skin.

Use the abdominal support belt in the middle and late stages to support the growing abdomen. 



  1. Put support belt on the abdomen as shown in diagram
  2. Cross the support belt and pull it outward
  3. Tighten the support bet 
  4. Caution

  5. When cleaning, please fold the self-adhesive part inward to avoid hooking other clothes.

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