Inujirushi Postpartum High Waist Pelvic Girdle

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Inujirushi Postpartum Renovation STEP3.

Pelvic care is indispensable for postpartum care. This "high waist pelvic girdle" is an excellent one that you can wear as shorts while taking care of the pelvis.

The "Hard Power Net" with enhanced elasticity of the "Power Net"

 It used for correction underwear, is used luxuriously to support the waist, hips, lower abdomen, and pelvis line.

100% cotton material is used for the back gusset so that you can wear one piece. It is thin and does not resonate with the outer, making it perfect for daily use.

For wearing, we recommend that you continue to use it for about 1 month to 1 year after birth.

Thin and light, hard to crack on the outer shape The shape function part doubles the hard power net, and the pelvic belt line sews the hard power net inside.

Nylon / Polyurethane


[Size] (cm)
M / Waist 61-67 Hip 83-93
L / Waist 67-73 Hip 86-96
LL / Waist 73-79 Hip 89-99



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